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Re: Taskbar appearance changes between xorg-server 11 series and 12.0 series

On 4/6/2012 1:01 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
On 05/04/2012 16:54, Eliot Moss wrote:
Something seems to have changed between the last 1.11 release and
the 1.12.0 (up through the 1.12.0-2 release made yesterday).

The window for StartXWin, which is minimized, did not previously
result in an X icon in the taskbar, but now does, and it is
distinct from the stack of X icons for my several launched
xterms.  I feel it is clutter and want to suppress it, but I
don't know how at this point.

I guess the window you are seeing is the terminal window in which bash is being run? It's the job of the run command to hide that window, and why it should suddenly stop doing so when the XWin at the bottom of the process tree changes, I have no idea.

Yes, which is why I, too, was surprised.

This might perhaps be related to a bug in cygwin 1.7.12 where cygwin
executables were wrongly handled as native, non-cygwin executables?

I just installed 1.7.13, and the behavior is still there. It goes away when something completes, which happens when all the windows started by .startxwinrc are gone. If I kill it, then all those initial windows die. Perhaps this is all normal, *except* that the run window is displayed.

Separately, going from 1.12.0-1 to 1.12.0-2 changed my xemacs
icon, to one that is nearly transparent (there's something
there, but very hard to discern).  In the past xemacs gave
its own icon (which I could never find or override).

Thanks for pointing this out. I'd introduced a couple of bugs into the fallback icon conversion code for a bitmap pointed to by WM_HINTS (which is only used when a NET_WM_ICON property isn't present)

I've applied a couple of fixes, so hopefully this works better now. I've
uploaded a snapshot at [2]. Perhaps you could try that out and see if that
improves things for you?

Yes! Now the xemacs icon is back to the way it used to be.

I suspect that the 'XE' icon from
/usr/share/xemacs-21.4.22/etc/xemacs-icon.xpm is baked into the Xemacs
executable.  If Xemacs itself doesn't provide a way to change it, you could
override it for multiwindow mode by using the ICONS directive in XWinrc.

Maybe; if I find one I like :-) ...

These various commands / files all seem to be seen and used.  And by the way,
the xemacs1 MINIMIZE does not seem to work -- it always starts maximized and I
have to minimize it manually.  Hints on that?

Using -name to set the xemacs resource name does not set the window class name, apparently by design [1], so this style directive will not match the window title or window class name of your xemacs window.

Fortunately, you could probably achieve the same effect by adding the
'-iconic' command line option to the xemacs invocation.

Actually, -iconic does not work; neither does it work to set the iconic resource to true. Seems to be an xemacs thing. In fact, here is a quote from the FAQ:

"Ugh, this stuff is such an incredible mess that I've about given up getting it to work. The principal problem is numerous window-manager bugs... "

However, I find that the .XWinrc MINIMIZE style *does* work ... but of course
only for windows I create later.  And the class name is "emacs", not "xemacs",
hence a STYLE entry of: emacs MINIMIZE ...

Does this suggest to you any other way that might work to get an iconified
xemacs from the .startxwinrc file?

On 05/04/2012 17:11, Eliot Moss wrote:
On xorg-server 1.12.0-2, doing
a reload of .XWinrc via the .XWinrc menu cases an
exception that kills the X server.  I does put up
an error window saying what happened (a
segmentation fault).

This was also related to the icon conversion changes and should be fixed in the latest snapshot.

That is indeed now fixed.

Thanks for all the fixes! E


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