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Re: XRaiseWindow for activating windows in multiwindow mode

It's me again ;-)

On 9/3/2011 9:01 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> As discussed in the thread [2] various scenarios, e.g. AOT windows,
> native windows interleaved with X windows in the native Z order, Windows
> with focus-follows-mouse enabled via TweakUI all need testing after
> trying to fix this, to ensure you haven't regressed them.
> [2]

I'm not sure if I'm correctly reproducing the above usage scenario
"always on top", but I did the following under Windows 7 and XP:

1) downloaded and installed
2) launched a xclock or a native Windows program (e.g. Internet
Explorer) and select "Always on top" with right mouse click on the
window's titel bar
3) programmatically launched and raised other x top level windows
4) Everything works: the checked windows stay top level, the
programmatically raised windows became top level amongst all other "non
always top level" windows and get keyboard focus and activated window frame.

I was also able to minimize and restore the "always on top window"
without any problems. Moreover the "redraw windows while moving and
sizing" hack
does also work with the "always on top" feature enabled for the
foreground and background window. Also mixtures of cygwin x server
windows with native Windows applications all with "always on top"
feature enabled are working.

What is not working: Clicking on "minimize to tray" on a cygwin x server
window that has also the "always on top feature": this causes the window
frame to vanish, but the window content is still redrawn by the xserver
on the underlaying x11 window. This is difficult to describe, but this
does also not work with the official unpatched cygwin x server 1.10.3-1.
This "minimize-to-tray" effect for "always on top windows" is also
described here:

So according to my tests the patch does not introduce new misbehaviour
regarding powermenu's "always on top" window feature.

I could provide a patched binary XWin.exe, if someone wants to do more

Best regards,

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