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Re: Can't use XDMCP, "winProcEstablishConnection - ProcEstablishConnection failed, bailing" shows in log

On 28/01/2011 20:23, Alexander Pokluda wrote:
> The Windows PC that I'm using is on a different subnet from the VMs
> that I need to connect to (, so does that mean it's not
> possible to use Cygwin/X in this case? (Changing either subnet is not
> an option).

Ah, I had assumed that you were running the VMs locally with some form of
virtual networking.

It certainly should be possible to configure XWin to work in your case.

If you have multiple network interfaces on your PC, then it's probably just a
question of using the -from option to ensure traffic is sent with the correct
source address.

If that doesn't fix it, perhaps you could provide a wireshark trace of the
connection attempt and some more details of the networking configuration (e.g.
output of 'ipconfig' and 'route print')

> On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 3:16 PM, Jon TURNEY <> wrote:
>> On 28/01/2011 19:19, Alexander Pokluda wrote:
>>> I've been trying for a while to get Cygwin/X working with XDMCP for
>>> quite a while without any success; however, I am able to conenct
>>> without any any problem using Xming 6.9. I'm using a Windows 7 PC to
>>> connect to a different Linux VMs running CentOS 5.5. After starting
>>> XWin from the command line (either directly or using startxdmcp.bat),
>>> a window opens up that contains nothing but black. At first when I
>>> move the cursor over the winodow, it just disappears but after a
>>> while, the cursor will appear as an X and the following shows up in
>>> the log file:
>>> [266377.900] winProcEstablishConnection - Hello
>>> [266377.900] winProcEstablishConnection - ProcEstablishConnection
>>> failed, bailing.
>>> [266385.653] winAboutDlgProc - WM_COMMAND - IDOK or IDCANCEL
>>> [266489.784] XDM: too many retransmissions, declaring session dead
>>> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've included part of the log
>>> from one attempt to connect to one of the CentOS 5.5 VMs that I can
>>> connect to with Xming using XDMCP.
>>> [266616.722] XDM: too many retransmissions, declaring session dead
>> Possibly you need to use -query -from <corresponding local IP for
>> the subnet containing that IP address>
>> Xming has a patch applied which adds some more intelligence to the way the
>> local IP address is chosen, but unfortunately that is written to use the
>> winsock API directly, so can't be used directly in XWin.

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