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Re: can not startx

Yaakov (Cygwin/X <yselkowitz <at>> writes:

> On 05/01/2010 16:56, eric lin wrote:
> > this is my /var/log/XWin.0.log
> > where I think problm cause, fail startx, please help, eric
> Sigh.  Lets try this again:
> > Problem reports:
> Yaakov
> Cygwin/X

I can't follow the rules, there because I'm posting this from

which doesn't support attachments.

My XWin.0.log exhibits the same problem eric lin reported:

  XKB: Could not invoke xkbcomp

To check this I replaced xkbcomp with a shell script and indeed,
it does not get called.  Running as X -logverbose 100 does not
shed any light on the problem.  Running X or XWin with strace doesn't
work (strace refuses to run X and on XWin crashes out with access violation,
I'm on Windows 7).

The problem appeared after running a rebaseall and rebooting for a regular
Windows 7 update.  I haven't made any hardware changes and Cygwin/X was
running fine yesterday.  After the problem appeared,
running another erebaseall or updating my Cygwin 1.7 installation
didn't help.

I'm not replying here to report the problem in full detail
(because I can't add attachments) but to report a workaround:
install XMing from

and run that.  Then after setting $DISPLAY to
I can run X clients such as xterm from the Cygwin bash prompt.

Reinier Post
TU Eindhoven

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