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Re: Fwd: Cygwin X is not starting in Vista 64 bit Home edition.

Pratap and all,

I found the question below after running into the same issue. Here is how I solved it.

I noticed that the start menu icon was installed in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cygwin-X; however, the folder and link permissions for Cygwin-X differed from the program and link permissions for Cygwin Bash Shell. The Cygwin-X folder had the user "None" where where the Cygwin folder had Administrators. This didn't appear to cause a problem; I was still able to view the folder contens. The Cygwin link had full permissions for everyone, but the Cygwin-X link only had permissions for SYSTEM, root (the administrative account I do installs with), and Administrators -- normal users were not able to run the link.

Because of this, I went to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cygwin-X, right-clicked the link, properties, security, edit, add. I added "everyone" and gave everyone "Ready & execute" and "Read" permissions. After this I was able to run Cygwin-X as normal.

Hope this helps,

Dear all, I regularly use Cygwin on windows for running my Linux based codes/applications on Windows. I have Windows XP(32 bit) on my laptop. There all the applications related to Cygwin work fine. But on my Windows 64bit Vista Home Premium edition, the Cygwin X Windows application doesn't start up. Can anybody suggest what should be done to make cygwin/X work in Vista 64 bit also? Thanks in advance Pratap

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