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Re: X11R7.5 and C.UTF-8

On 29/10/2009 13:56, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Oct 29 13:42, Jon TURNEY wrote:
I haven't been following the discussion about C.UTF-8 closely, but
curiously, for me at least, this test program shows that
setlocale(LC_ALL, "") fails with LANG=C.UTF-8 (so that doesn't
actually seem to be a valid locale, although if it's the default it
probably doesn't make much difference), but this means that a
subsequent setlocale(LC_ALL, NULL) just returns "C"

What version of Cygwin 1.7 are you using? The change to newlib, which allows to specify C.UTF-8 as locale is from 2009-09-29, so Cygwin 1.7.0-62 from 2009-10-03 allows to specify this locale.

The change which makes C.UTF-8 Cygwin's default locale is from
2009-10-09, so this change is only in Cygwin from CVS, or in developer
snapshots from past that date.

Thanks for the clarification.

jon@byron ~
$ cygcheck -c cygwin
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version        Status
cygwin               1.7.0-62       OK

jon@byron ~
$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 byron 1.7.0(0.212/5/3) 2009-09-11 01:25 i686 Cygwin


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