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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] X11R7.5

Cygwin/X has been updated to X.Org X11R7.5 (for Cygwin 1.7 only).

WHAT'S NEW IN X11R7.5? ======================

* Almost 200 binary packages have been updated, including the latest upstream improvements and bug fixes.

* New packages: dmxproto, libdmx1/libdmx-devel, xf86bigfontproto.

* Support for IPv6 and other features new to Cygwin 1.7 are now available in packages using them.

* The X11 headers have been rearranged, with a lot of shuffling between the *proto packages and their libX*-devel counterparts. This should be transparent to the end user as long as these packages are updated simultaneously.

* The technical documentation in xorg-docs and other packages has been built into text, HTML, and PDF formats.

FEATURES AND NOTES ==================

X11R7.5 includes xorg-server 1.7 with many changes, including:

* DMX support has been added. DMX allows one DISPLAY to span multiple screens on one or more computers within a network. It consists of Xdmx, the DMX server (which runs on top of the displaying computers' native XWin/Xming/Xorg/Xquartz servers), several dmx* clients, and the xdmxconfig GUI configuration editor. Because of the additional dependencies of these components, they have been packaged separately as xorg-server-dmx.

* Support for the XFree86-BigFont extension has been restored.

* In addition to the default gzip-compression of bitmap fonts, support for reading bzip2-compressed fonts has been enabled.

* XWin's internal clipboard manager and -multiwindow window manager now default to using the local socket listener, then falling back to the inet and inet6 listeners. This allows them to work even in the case of a difficult firewall configuration, or if an explicit -nolisten argument has been passed.

Please note the following limitations in this release:

* Despite the update to X Input extension version 2.0 (XI2) which includes Multi-Pointer X (MPX), XWin is still limited to a single keyboard and pointing device due to the Windows APIs it uses.

* The Record extension is currently broken and has therefore been temporarily disabled upstream. A fix is expected soon, at which time the extension will be re-enabled. In the meantime, clients using this extension (typically through libXtst) may be missing some functionality.

DEPRECATIONS ============

These X extensions, and their related packages, are no longer available:

proto: evieext
library: libXevie, libxcb-xevie
Support for this extension was dropped before xorg-server-1.6.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT ===================

Development of Cygwin/X is primarily focused on the XWin server; most
other components are extremely stable and work OOTB. Anyone who
despaired of touching the old monolithic tree will find things much easier with modular packages. If you want to see XWin stay current and add new features, then WE NEED YOU. Here are some of the projects that could be worked on:

* Update the Cygwin/X website.
* Continue development of hardware-accelerated AIGLX support.
* Implement Extended Window Manager Hints in multiwindow mode.
* Implement the Composite extension in multiwindow mode.
* Implement Multi-Pointer X.
* Implement the XVideo extension.
* Implement newest XRandR protocol.
* Continue development of WindowsWM extension and xwinwm.

FEEDBACK ========

All comments, questions, bug reports, patches, discussion, etc. should
take place on the cygwin-xfree@ list.

CREDITS =======

Jon Turney for pushing our existing patches upstream and contributing many new patches to this release.

Colin Harrison for helping push his Xming patches upstream.

Numerous users for their bug reports and suggestions during the 7.4 cycle.

And whomever else I may have inadvertently neglected to mention.


Yaakov Cygwin/X coordinator

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