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Re: 1.7.0(0.214/5/3): XWin.exe reset after remote login screen on solaris (CDE or Java desktop) WM_QUIT

On 16/10/2009 14:38, Patrick Legault wrote:
I enabled some extra session logging in my .dtprofile under solaris and
I found an error.

I did the test with cygwin 1.5 and 1.7 so I could see the difference.
I included some log files.

when I tested with cygwin 1.5, I generated theses 2 log files:
startlog-cygwin1.5.log and display_cygwin1.5.log
when I tested with cygwin 1.7, I generated theses 2 log files:
startlog-cygwin1.7.log and display_cygwin1.7.log

The session worked using cygwin 1.5 but failed with 1.7.
we can clearly see the issue with the log file display_cygwin1.7.log
X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
Major opcode of failed request: 143 (XINERAMA)
Minor opcode of failed request: 2 (XINERAMAGetScreenCount)
Resource id in failed request: 0x0
Serial number of failed request: 248
Current serial number in output stream: 248
can I recompile xwin.exe and disable xinerama or is there a different
way to do it?
if so, how would I fix this?

You should be able to work around this by starting the X server with '-xinerama' to disable Xinerama.

A bit of googling throws up various similar looking problems, including
this [1] which seems to indicate it is a Solaris incompatibilty with X.Org
(which presumably only shows up with Solaris on sparc as they use Xsun?)


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