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Re: Error: too many arguments on commandline

On 13/10/2009 21:01, wrote:
I am trying to start up XWin with 3 screens, all of a specific size, but
when I run a command in a startup batch file like this (where %RUN% is
\cygwin\bin\run -p /usr/X11R6/bin):

%RUN% XWin :3 -clipboard -silent-dup-error -engine 1 -nodecoration
-multiplemonitors -screen 0 1280 1024 -screen 1 1280 1024 -screen 2 1280

You might be able to drop -clipboard since it is on by default since

I am surprised that you need -engine 1 (ShadowGDI). It's some kind of bug if the default engine (ShadowDDNL, I guess) doesn't work properly for you, and it should be faster.

'-multimonitors' is an (undocumented) alias for '-multiplemonitors'

You don't really need -silent-dup-error unless you forget the server is already running a lot :-)

I get a popup error message titled "Run.exe" with message "Error: too
many arguments on commandline XWin". Removing the %RUN% gets rid of the
error, but of course, doesn't really help me any. Is there any way to
specify any of those options to XWin other than on the command line so
that maybe I will not exceed whatever run.exe limit I am hitting?

There is currently no other way to specify XWin arguments but via the command line.

I don't know why this limit in run exists, but you might be able to squeeze under it with the suggestions above.

According to your cygcheck output you don't even have the X server installed :-)

Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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