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No response


I posted to this list on Sept 23 with the subject header "Help with
xfce4 on Cygwin/X" and received no response whatsoever.
Needless to say most of the issues I was having were resolved through
trial and error.

I've found the best way to start xfce is to start the X server and add
startxfce4 to my system.Xwinrc file and launch it from the
X-applications menu.  Most everything works.
And the compositor works great!  What a cool feature for someone who's
never experienced transparency.

Remaining issues include apps launched from the menus not workin (i..e
 Log out, About Xfce, "Settings Manager"--yet this works from a local
xterm window with xfce4-settings-manager.exe)
I did see on the xfce site that it mentions there's a fix in 4.6 BETA
for bug fix 4559 re xfconf and cygwin but these appear unrelated.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What about a browser?  Is there a pending cygport  of Midori coming.
I seem to remember Yaakov

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