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RE: Cut & Paste problem between X windows


I am assuming that you mean the XP control panel however I cannot see any option for middle button emulation.
I an using the following command to start X
        XWin -nodecoration -clipboard

Some further information:

The mouse is a logitech MX600 laser cordless which has an additional rocker switch and button next to the left button, two thumb buttons on the side and the wheel also moves side to side for horizontal scrolling

I am using the logitech setpoint utility within XP with the default settings, although these were also used on the previous setup.

Cut and paste from a X-window to XP is working correctly but not the other way round as does scrolling within a terminal window.

Running 'xev' to capture mouse and keyboard events I see button press and release events for buttons -
1 - Left button
3 - Right button
4 - Scroll wheel forward
5 - Scroll wheel backward
6 - Side button 1
7 - Side button 2

I also see key events for the remaining rocker and button normally used for zooming in & out and return to 100% from within XP.

I do not see any events when I click the wheel, presumably these would be button 2.
There are also no events when I move the wheel sideways but I did not really expect any.

It would appear that everything is working correctly except for middle button clicks not being recognised by the X server


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Subject: RE: Cut & Paste problem between X windows

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> Any text within X-term or urxvt is highlighted correctly but when
> clicking the centre mouse button it is not pasted into either the same
> x-term or any other.

        Please check your Control Panel Mouse settings to verify that you do not have "middle button emulate" enabled, which can mess with the second button, or anything else that might be re-interpreting the buttons.

        As a workaround, try using <ctrl-insert> to paste.  this works for me both from X and Windows apps on XP.



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