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Re: start xterm automatically

On 09/09/2009 09:47 PM, andreaphus wrote:

I'd like to set it so that when I run cygwin it automatically launches an xterm shell but Im having problems.

I normally run cygwin and then run startxwin.bat (which works fine). I can
not just put startxwin.bat in .bash_profile because it will loop opening
shells (it resourced .bash_profile everytime which in turns opens a new
xterm). I thought this might because the xterm I was opening up in
startxwin.bat was a login shell but I changed the xterm command from -ls to
+ls (a non login shell, and thus it should not resource .bash_profile but it
still does).

Ideally I want to run cygwin, have it automatically open a login xterm
shell, and then auto close the cygwin shell.

I assume you're starting Cygwin with cygwin.bat. How do you start that? Is there a reason you cannot start startxwin.bat the same way?

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