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Fwd: SV: xdmcp cygwin 1.7 vista problem

I forgot to set the Reply-To: correctly

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: SV: xdmcp cygwin 1.7 vista problem
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 15:41:52 +0200
From: MÃrten Gustafsson
To: 'Jon TURNEY'

-from switch worked fine. Thanks /MÃrten

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
FrÃn: Jon TURNEY []
Skickat: den 7 september 2009 14:34
Ãmne: Re: xdmcp cygwin 1.7 vista problem

On 07/09/2009 11:37, MÃrten Gustafsson wrote:
> When trying to connect to a linux sytem from a Vista using
xdmcp i get
> a strange error.
> 2009-09-07 12:06:51 XDMCP fatal error: Session failed Session
> 173248003 failed for display cannot open display
> As you can see from my network config, I have no adapter on this
> network address. I am using a wirless connection with ipadress
> The same version of cygwin works flawlessly
from a wired XP box.


You may find that using the -from command line parameter
(documented in 'man
Xserver') to force the local address used may help, but it's
still a bit mysterious where this address comes from...

Perhaps you could oblige me with the output from Corinna's
test program which dumps getaddrinfo output [1]


>        âfrom localâaddress
>                specifies the local address to connect from
(useful if the connecting host has multiple
>                network  interfaces).  The localâaddress may
be expressed in any form acceptable to the
>                host platformâs gethostbyname(3) implementation.

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