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Re: xdmcp cygwin 1.7 vista problem

On 07/09/2009 11:37, MÃrten Gustafsson wrote:
When trying to connect to a linux sytem from a Vista using xdmcp i get a
strange error.

2009-09-07 12:06:51 XDMCP fatal error: Session failed Session 173248003
failed for display cannot open display

As you can see from my network config, I have no adapter on this network
address. I am using a wirless connection with ipadress The
same version of cygwin works flawlessly from a wired XP box.


You may find that using the -from command line parameter (documented in 'man Xserver') to force the local address used may help, but it's still a bit mysterious where this address comes from...

Perhaps you could oblige me with the output from Corinna's test program which dumps getaddrinfo output [1]


âfrom localâaddress specifies the local address to connect from (useful if the connecting host has multiple network interfaces). The localâaddress may be expressed in any form acceptable to the host platformâs gethostbyname(3) implementation.

-- Jon TURNEY Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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