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Re: [1.7] On checkX

Angelo Graziosi wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Unfortunately, I can't reproduce.
> Ugh! I forgot to say that I start those scripts with links on desktop...
> For example:
> mkshortcut -AD \
>     -n "${urxvt}" \
>     -a "bash -l" \
>     -i /usr/bin/XWin.exe \
>     -d "Console unicode" \
>     /usr/bin/run.exe

Using a short cut to my script, just like your shortcut (except mine is
on my own desktop, not all-users'), I...can't reproduce your problem. WJJFM.

> Indeed, if I start the script from Cygwin.bat, there is not
> checkX.exe.stackdump in the HOME! It is created ONLY starting the script
> with the link...
> ...and, in that case, the lines:
> [...]
> while ! /usr/bin/checkX
> do
>   printf "waiting for xserver to start\n"
>   sleep 1
> done
> [...]
> cause a NON-empty checkX.exe.stackdump:
> $ cat checkX.exe.stackdump
> Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=6E7C3CD0

I don't know what to tell you.  Please try to use the -debug options, as
I recommended before.

> Not only, also a bad interference between XWin and clipboard: trying to
> copy/paste (double click in urxvt shell), they hang and when I try to
> 'Restart Now' the PC, Windows says 'xwinclip has not finished yet...'

Also can't reproduce. WJFFM.

> Now, If I want start your script from the link, How can I capture the
> output?
> For example, I have tried modifying it with:

Try this:

export DISPLAY=
let -a n=0

    # Cleanup from last run.
    rm -rf /tmp/.X11-unix
    printf "starting xserver\n" >>~/checkX_${n}.log

    XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error 2>/dev/null &

/usr/bin/checkX --debug=$DBGLVL >~/checkX_${n}.log 2>&1 || start_XWin
n=`expr $n + 1`

while ! /usr/bin/checkX --debug=$DBGLVL >~/checkX_${n}.log 2>&1
  printf "waiting for xserver to start [$n]\n" >>~/checkX_${n}.log
  sleep 1
  n=`expr $n + 1`
sleep 1
/usr/bin/urxvt-X &


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