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RE: Problems starting "rxvt" from startxwin.bat

Jose Luis wrote:
> I can start "xterm" from startxwin.bat:
>         %RUN% xterm -e /usr/bin/bash -l
> but no "rxvt":
>         %RUN% rxvt -bg white -fg black -e /bin/bash
> although it can be started from command line:
>          jlfdiaz@JLFDIAZWXP ~
>          $ rxvt -bg white -fg black -e /bin/bash  &
> Why does rvxt starting from startxwin.bat fail?

This is almost certainly a timing issue.  The line in the batch file
that starts the server uses %RUN% to start it in the background.  This
means that the following commands in the batch file may execute before
the X server has completed (or even started) its initialisation.

I suspect that the reason the two terminals behave differently is
that, xterm tries to connect to the server a number of times before
giving up, whereas rxvt gives up at the first failure.

Because the time taken to initialise the X server can vary, rather
than using just sleep, I have added the following:

REM wait up to 30 seconds for the X server
set /a COUNT=0
  checkx -d %DISPLAY%
  if not errorlevel 1 goto FINISHOFF
  set /a COUNT+=1
  if %COUNT% GEQ 30 goto NOX
  echo Waiting for X on display %DISPLAY% ...
  sleep 1

echo WARNING: X doesn't appear to have started
exit /B 1


Jon/Yaakov, could this be added to the distributed startxwin.bat?
Perhaps the warning could be extended to include instructions to
check the log.


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