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Building xdvik (was Re: Failure of XtGetApplicationResources() in X11R7.4)

Jon TURNEY wrote:
 >> Warning: No type converter registered for '' to '<81>ìÀ' conversion.
Warning: No type converter registered for '<90>' to '' conversion.

I took a quick look at this, there's definitely something strange going on here.

I think those strings between '' are supposed to be type names like "String",
via the defines in /usr/include/X11/StringDefs.h, but for some reason
XtString[] doesn't seem to get linked from the Xt libary, so we use a local,
uninitialized instance, with, as they say, hilarious consequences. You can
see this quite clearly if you set a breakpoint on the call to
XtSetTypeConverter() in main.c.

You can work around this by building with CFLAGS="-DXTSTRINGDEFINES", which
makes the strings constants rather than references to elements in an imported

But then it fails with a different segv, but this looks to be due to a similar problem with transientShellWidgetClass

This really needs some digging into how this used to work and what's changed....

I think Yaakov was right when he suggested that the libtool this uses is sufficiently old to cause problems [1]

$ tar -zxf xdvik-22.84.14.tar.gz
$ cd xdvik-22.84.14
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-xdvi-x-toolkit=xaw3d
$ make
$ cp /usr/lib/libXt.dll.a texk/xdvik/.libs/libimp-cygXt-6.a
$ rm texk/xdvik/xdvi-xaw3d.exe
$ make
$ texk/xdvik/xdvi-xaw3d.exe
[works, or at least, works enough to give me a file open dialog...]

Searching the mailing list for 'libtool import broken' finds [2], which seems be relevant to this problem.


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