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Strange XWin startup problem.

Hi all!

I have a clean (brand new, just downloaded, ...) installation of Cygwin/X.

I perform the following steps:

1) Start cygwin by double clicking desktop icon.
2) In cygwin window:  cd /usr/X11R6/bin
3) In cygwin window:  startxwin.bat

I get the X icon in the system tray, but nothing else (no xterm, nothing :( ).
After some searching I discovered that there are two XWin.exe images in the processes tab of the windows task manager.

This has happened on three attempts of clean all cygwin directories, download and install on this particular machine. To check myself and the system, I downloaded the same software on a second machine and it worked fine the first time.

The machine I am having trouble with has one peculiarity: the system disk is G:, not C: (its a long, long story). I have tried installing cygwin/X on C:, D: and G: with the same results.

The system is an AMD 2100+ with 2GB ram and lotsa disk space, running Windows 2000 Pro.

Has anyone reported a problem of this nature?

Thanks in advance.


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