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Re: resolution smaller than application

Yuk, top posting...  Reformatted.

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Mordechai_Pniel wrote:

> > Igor Pechtchanski <pechtcha@XX.XXX.XXX>
> > 24/01/2005 18:26
> > Please respond to cygwin-xfree

<>.  This *is* possible even in
Lotus Notes (at least it is in R6).  Also, please make sure your mailer
respects the Reply-To header.

> > On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, mpniel wrote:
> >
> > > My Windows Xp resolution is smaller than the real Xwindows application
> > > resolution that i am running.
> > > So i get only a section of the Xwindows screen application.
> > > Is it possible to

[inserted cases and notes below]

> > > a) get all the real Xwindows screen on my Windows XP?
         [IP: with scrollbars]
> > > b) or at least to pan with the mouse in order to see the hidden
> > >    parts of the big screen?
> > > c) or to scale the real Xwindows size to my WIndows Xp size?

Just to be clear: c) is not possible with pure Cygwin/X.  I don't think
there is any code that does b) either.  That leaves a), which is what I've
been implying you can achieve.

> > How are you invoking XWin?  Do you use the script?  If so,
> > XWin is invoked in multi-window mode, which uses the Windows screen as the
> > X screen.  Try invoking XWin directly, and giving it the -screen parameter
> > (see the man page for instructions on specifying the screen size), and
> > -scrollbars to allow resizing/scrolling.
> I run the file startxwin.bat. The coomand I run is the following:

BTW, what is the size of your X application?  When you imply that it
doesn't fit on the XP screen, and then say that you set your X window size
to be the same as your XP screen, it's pretty confusing...

I'm going to assume for the rest of this message that your X application
is 1280x1024.

> run XWin :0 -screen 0 1024x768@1 -scrollbars -query %REMOTE_HOST% -nodecoration -lesspointer -clipboard
I'm not sure this is the right syntax for the -screen parameter...  Try
"-screen 0 1280 1024".  Also, the -nodecoration may screw up the
scrollbars (but, IIRC, run hides the root window unless -nodecoration is
specified, so you'll have to switch to "start" or "cygstart").

> My current WindowsXp screen resolution is 1024x768 .

So, to summarize, try

cygstart XWin :0 -screen 0 1280 1024 -scrollbars -query %REMOTE_HOST% -lesspointer -clipboard

and see if you get a big enough window for your X app with scrollbars.
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