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Re: changing monitors dynamically confuses Xwin

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005, Eliot Moss wrote:

> Dear Cygwin/Xwin maintainers:
> First let me say that I am running Cygwin/XFree on a Windows XP
> box. I start X with the default parameters (plus -clipboard).
> Here's what I want to do, and what happens:
> -- Want to: Use the XP Display Properties > Settings menu to add. on the
>    fly, a second display, namely a video projector. I "Extend the Windows
>    Desktop" to this projector for displaying PowerPoint slides. I want X to
>    stay the way it was, in an XP window that covers the whole laptop LCD
>    screen, but not displaying on the video projector.
> -- What happens: When I do this, after the display configuration change,
>    the X window contents no longer display, though the cursors show and
>    input appears to be active. XP things work as expected, and I can move
>    the cursor from one screen to another, etc. PowerPoint does the right
>    thin, showing presenter view on LCD screen anbd slide show on video
>    projector. Once I am done and change the configuration back to one
>    display, X works again like normal.
> Any suggestions? Or is this going to need some heavy duty programming to
> fix?

Hi, Eliot,

You might want to give the "-multiplemonitors"[*] XWin option a try -- I
think that's what it was written for.
[*] The XWin man page lists it as "-multimonitors", for some reason, but
the patch was submitted for "-multiplemonitors".  It should be one or the
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