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XWin hangs wrote:

> My xwin hangs after the following line
> Using preset keyboard for  ....
> Rules = ..
> - Then I find there are 2 XWin processes and one xterm process.
> after killing the the one XWin process
> I get thsi
> <EE> Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre=XKB key map

This is a clear sign that the program which creates the keyboard description
does not work properly. You can switch this off with the -kb switch for XWin.

> ..
> then xterm opens. behaves weirdly
> winClipboard complains it cannot open display

>>does xterm still behave weirdly if you add the -kb option to the XWin
>>commandline? How does it behave? Maybe there are other programs which >>interfere
>>with the normal way windows handles network connections like other firewall
>>software or VPN software.

I created a new with -kb  option. Now everything works fine. according to the log 

(--) winConfigKeyboard - Layout: "00000409" (00000409) 
(--) Using preset keyboard for "English (USA)" (409), type "4"
(++) XkbExtension disabled
(--) 5 mouse buttons found

I do not know what was the problem with the keyboard

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