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Re: right click paste in rxvt

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Akash Jauhar wrote:

hi list
i have a question for which i have been trying to find an answer for a
long time
I normally use a windows machine but sometimes need the power of unix
and hence have installed cygwin on my machine. when i connect to any
linux machine using putty i can usually select a word by highlighting
it with a left mouse click and paste it using the right mouse click.
how can one achieve the same in xterm on cygwin.

More specifically i want to modify xterm so that i can select and copy
with left mouse click and paste by clicking the right mouse button
instead of middle mouse button
any pointers how to do that

xterm's behavior is done by the translations resource, described in the manpage. This chunk (which is much longer) does it all:

The default bindings in the VT102 window are:

                     Shift <KeyPress> Prior:scroll-back(1,halfpage) \n\
                      Shift <KeyPress> Next:scroll-forw(1,halfpage) \n\
                    Shift <KeyPress> Select:select-cursor-start() \
                                            select-cursor-end(PRIMARY, CUT_BUFF>

-- Thomas E. Dickey

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