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Re: XWin/xdmcp fails after PC domain change

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Greg Dotts wrote:

> I could sure use some help solving a problem with my Cygwin/X (on MS XP Pro
> SP1 -> Fedora 2 xdmcp connection.
> I recently changed my Samba server setup to PDC and joined my desktop and
> laptop PC's to the domain which promptly killed my Cygwin/X installations.
> Step two was a remove/reinstall of Cygwin/X to the latest release on both
> machines.  This resulted in my laptop working, but not my desktop.  Next step
> was to remove the desktop and laptop from the domain and back into the
> original workgroup and try again.  I had to remove/reinstall Cygwin/X again,
> and again only the laptop will connect.
> So now I'm scratching my head...  I have removed Cygwin/X from my desktop,
> cleaned the registry, removed all files related to Cygwin/X from the HD and
> reinstalled.  Same result - The XWin window loads but no response from the
> Fedora server.  Below is a copy of the XWin.log file and user variables, but I
> don't see anything out of the ordinary and I can't find any related entries in
> any of the Fedora logs.
> BTW, nothing has changed on the xdmcp server side that I'm aware of... It
> looks to me like XWin.exe is not making the request to
> [snip]
> Any help would be appreciated and I've RTFM'd and searched the archives. ;-)

XDMCP is very sensitive to DNS changes.  Make sure that when the server
does a reverse DNS lookup on the IP, it gets the same FQDN as supplied by
your Cygwin machine.  Check /var/log/messages on the server.  Do you have
a stale /etc/hosts entry, perhaps?

See <> and
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