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Re: XWin/xdmcp fails after PC domain change

Hello Alexander,

I have just now solved the problem. Apparently during the domain join/unjoin the DNS Suffix in System Properties>Computer Settings was removed leaving just the host name of the PC. Replacing the DNS suffix of my internal domain name fixed the problem. Not sure why??? Perhaps a DNS issue - Dynamic Updates issue maybe???

To answer your question, yes I did try the "-from localipaddress" option which had no effect. Once again not sure why.

Perhaps a list member with more knowledge can clarify.

Thanks for the suggestion


Alexander Gottwald wrote:
Greg Dotts wrote:

I could sure use some help solving a problem with my Cygwin/X (on MS XP
Pro SP1 -> Fedora 2 xdmcp connection.

xwin -query

Any help would be appreciated and I've RTFM'd and searched the archives. ;-)

Have you tried the -from <localipaddress> parameter? This tells XWin which
network interface to use.

OTOH i have no idea why a domain change could change anything in Cygwin/X.
Maybe some user settings like TEMP location have changed or its just the
network setting which changed.

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-- GDD a.k.a. Greg Dotts

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