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RE: Full install on XP hangs at /etc/X11/abb-defaults/Bitmap

I had a similar problem a few months ago and also resolved it by
installing first some basic packages and after the rest of the packages.

Before that, I tried to remove the file were install hanged but after
removing that, it hanged in other file (the next one, I think). I
repeated this process a several times times and as I removed the files,
the hang was always in the next file and the percentage of the installed
files grew. At some point, I've excluded enough files to complete the

After, I uninstalled everything (didn't trusted that kind of
installation), selected some basic packages and installed them and after
that I selected the rest of the packages and installed them also.
Everything went OK.

Maybe the setup cannot process such an amount of files like the one on a
full installation at one time.

--Lino Tinoco

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 10:40:03AM +0100, Alexander Gottwald wrote:
>On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, Greg Schussman wrote:
>>I've just tried to do a full install of cygwin/X on Windows XP.  The 
>>install hangs at 90%, saying:
>>When I look at the file structure, etc/X11/app-defaults is a file, not

>>a directory.  Perhaps this is the problem (how can one write to 
>>app-defaults/Bitmap if app-defaults is not a directory)?
>This is really strange.  Did you have anything from cygwin installed 
>before?  I could not find any cygwin package which does not create 
>/etc/X11/app-defaults as file instead of a directory.

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