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Re: keyhook is not letting win key or alt-tab in

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, Nachiketa Sahoo wrote:

> This email is just a reminder for "ago".
> The keyhook option should let the keys like win, alt-tab and menu into
> the X session, to the x apps. But, it's not happening.
> I am using version of Xwin. And I started the XWin using the
> following command from the cygwin bash prompt.
> XWin.exe -multiwindow -clipboard -keyhook &
> Checked the key strokes with xev
> Win is not going through, the start menu pops up :P
> Alt+tab doesn't go through, alt makes xev dump some symbols, but, tab
> doesn't do anything.
> menu surprisingly works. I mean sends some event in, xev dumps something :P

Current status is:

keyhook dos not work properly in multiwindow mode and does only work for alt-tab.
I'm not sure why the windows keys are disabled but I think it is because of a
problem with proper integeration into the modifier mask.

I hope the first problem is not too hard. But the windows keys may require a lot 
of work.

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