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Problem displaying openGL graphics in latest cygwin build

The most recent cygwin build seems unable to display openGL-based graphics
from a remote host running Solaris onto my PC.  This problem has so far been
apparent in two applications: one is Fieldview, a well-known code for displaying
CFD data, and the other is a graphics application driven by a TCL/TK script that
employs the code togl.c to link with openGL. In the latter application, togl.c produces
the following error message:

Togl: couldn't get visual while executing
"togl $dw -width $wwidth -height $wheight -rgba true -double true
   -depth true -ident Box2 -overlay true"

It seems that including the cygcheck output in this message makes this message too large for the
cygwin mailing list server, so I posted it here:

I have been able to fix the problem by restoring an earlier cygwin build from one of my personal
backup disks.  The cygcheck output for that build is posted here: .

Note that both the functioning and malfunctioning builds employ the latest version of openGL.

Has anyone else encountered a problem like this? Should this be reported as a bug?


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