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Re: openGL problem in cygwin-xfree?

I am sending this message in two parts because the cygcheck
listings cause the message to exceed the limitation on mesage size
set by the server.

This message further illustrates the problem of openGL working
and then not working with remote TCL/TK applications in different
cygwin builds.To demonstrate the problem,
I restored an earlier version of cygwin I had backed up with
which I successfully ran, remotely, a TCL/TK application
that employs openGL.  I have attached cygcheck files from
the cygwin setups where openGL functions properly; the
cygcheck output where openGL fails (openGL_malfunctions.txt)
is in the following message.  Interestingly, both setups use
the same version of openGL (version 1.1.0-7), but there
are differences elsewhere in the build.  Can anyone infer
from these data the reason why TCL/TK bombs with the
more recent cygwin build?

Thanx in advance for your help.


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