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Re: Extraneous HOME keypresses in Cygwin X server.

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004, Brian Keener wrote:

> The symptoms are:  When starting an X-application like xedit, or using
> has been pressed.
> This is quite annoying.  Please let me know what information might be of
> use, my keyboard is a "Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A".
> According to cygwin setup.exe, I'm using xorg X server version
>, although the problem also existed under many previous
> version, including the xfree versions.

The Xming builds include debugging code which prints the windows messages 
generated by each keypress. Install Xming (with installer and copy the 
standalone binary to the install directory), start Xming 

Xming.exe :1 -multiwindow -logverbose 10

and keep an eye on the debug messages. The real home key produces:

winTopLevelWindowProc - WM_*KEYDOWN
winWindowProc - Message WM_KEYDOWN wParam 0x24 lParam 0x1470001
winTopLevelWindowProc - Message WM_KEYUP wParam 0x24 lParam 0xc1470001
winTopLevelWindowProc - WM_*KEYUP
winWindowProc - Message WM_KEYUP wParam 0x24 lParam 0xc1470001

Xming download page:

--           ICQ: 126018723

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