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perl debugger not working in xterm

I was very happy a few days back to install Cygwin/X and get xterm's working
(I do startx from a cygwin terminal window and it launches an xterm for me).

Something very strange I discovered today, however, is that if I try to use
the perl debugger like this:

perl -d -e 0

(which is how I often remind myself of how perl works--since you can
interact with it directly)

then the perl debugging prompt does not appear in the xterm window, but
instead it appears (with mangled characters) in the cygwin terminal from
which I ran "startx".

I can then type in the terminal window and have the results show up in the
xterm window (but not the perl debugger prompts).

So, it seems that when I launch the perl debugger, it wants to read stdin
from cygwin terminal (which was launched with a double-click), and some
output is directed to the cygwin terminal and other output is directed to
the bash window.

It is interesting to note:
1. If I start cygwin (without X) and run the above command it works fine-but
I can't resize my window :(

2. The version of perl is the ActiveState one that I installed outside of
cygwin, but that gets picked up from my Windows user's PATH.

In particular, 
$ which perl
Anything jump out as a potential problem for me (or a quick fix)?

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