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Re: Not able to Get a Remote Machine after export of display

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Krishna Bhushan K wrote:

> Hi All,
> This is regarding a problem faced while using Cygwin.
> I am not able to open Xterm from a remote machine
> after setting the remote 
> DISPLAY variable to the local one.
> Following are the entries in my startxdmcp.bat:
> SET DISPLAY= (Local display)
> SET REMOTE_HOST=ipshp071
> start XWin -kb -query %REMOTE_HOST% -notrayicon
> -emulate3buttons -clipboard -unixkill -lesspointer
> After i logon to this machine, I telnet to a remote
> machine. set the DISPLAY variable there to
> open a xterm using Xterm&. It
> says "Per display information not found".
> Is there any problem with the above entries?
> Could anyone please suggest a solution to this
> problem.

The xserver has an authorization system (man Xsecurity) which 
prevents connections from any other host. To allow this
use xhost <hostname> to allow hostname access or the better
and much sure variant: use ssh with X11Forwarding. This tunnels
all X11 traffic through the encrypted ssh channel and takes care 
of access restrictions.

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