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Re: Problems with ssh and X

Hi Christian,

If I recall my past life properly, -Y (X11ForwardingTrusted) does not
enable -X (X11Forwarding)...

Try this instead:
    ssh -X -Y -l username remotemachine

Also, when you get bored of using command-line options, read 'man


On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 09:49:49AM +0000, Dr Christian Hicks wrote:
> First, please accept my apologies for send my message
> to the wrong list. Thanks to Igor for suggesting the
> FAQ list. I have now tried:
> ssh -Y -l username remotemachine
> I now get the error message:
> connect port 6000 Connection refused.
> (the IP address is the static IP address provided by my ISP)
> There is still nothing in the log of my Netgear NG834G firewall
> or the ZoneAlarm log. I shutdown Zone alarm and the same thing
> happened.
> Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully received.
> Many thanks,
> Chris.
> Dr Christian Hicks
> Senior Lecturer,
> Director of Postgraduate Training,
> School of Mechanical & Systems Engineering,
> Stephenson Building,
> University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
> NE1 7RU.
> Phone: +44 191 222 6238
> Mobile 0796 398 9449
> Fax: + 44 191 222 8600
> Homepage:

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