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nullmail hiba!

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From: Mark Reis <>
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Subject: Re: XDMCP Woes + Solaris
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First I'd like to thank everyone who replied and I tried their various 
suggestions with no success.

The suggestions were:
1) Try adding the -from switch to the run command
2) Check the FAQ for Solaris + XDMCP suggestions
3) Try using a different run utility, such as runhide.

I've attempted to follow these three suggestions with no luck.

If I snoop the traffic on the host machine, the last round of traffic I 
see is this:

remotehost.cs.Virginia.EDU -> desktop.cs.Virginia.EDU ETHER Type=0800 
(IP), size = 54 bytes
remotehost.cs.Virginia.EDU -> desktop.cs.Virginia.EDU IP  D=desktopip 
S=remoteip LEN=40, ID=49632, TOS=0x0, TTL=64
remotehost.cs.Virginia.EDU -> desktop.cs.Virginia.EDU TCP D=1402 S=7100 
Rst Ack=759947429 Win=0

After which I must end task on XWin to get it to go away.


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