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Re: Duplicate invocation problem with xwin.exe

Arturus Magi wrote:

Martin Gill wrote:

Ok, managed to find out what the problem was.

Seems it's Zone Alarm. I had to completely uninstall it to solve the

Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else ever has the same problems.

I've sent a note to ZA support... if they offer a solution i'll post it

On cygwin, some of the socket interface is emulated by using loopbacks on internet sockets, so Xwin, Xinit, and several other programs need to have access to the internet, and Xwin needs server rights. If server rights are denied, xterm would not have been able to connect to the X server (and might have attempted to reinvoke xinit...I'm not sure whether there is any special handling in there).

Did you check ZA before uninstalling to make sure you hadn't blocked access?

Yes. I have ZA running in advanced mode, so that I get to decide what to do at each stage, and I gave XWin and everything else complete permissions.

Might try installing ZA again tonight and see if I can nail down the problem a bit more, luckily i'm behind a hardware firewall, so the loss of a desktop one isn't too serious in the short term, and the windows firewall kicked in anyway, no problems with that one. A quick google turned up a number of articles that said something about ZA causing problems with the way Xwin uses sockets, but i'm not sure yet that applies to what i;m seeing.

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