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RE: [Patch] Starting X on different monitors


Glad I could help. Thanks for putting me right on the style
and fixing the bugs.

Anything else need doing?
Is there a bug list / wish list I could see if I could


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Sent: 08 December 2004 15:19
To: Mark Fisher
Subject: Re: [Patch] Starting X on different monitors

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Mark Fisher wrote:

> This is my first patch, so I've created it for the two files updated
> (winprocarg.c and InitOutput.c).
> I've tried to keep the format the same as already there, I'm using
> emacs in C mode, so if the spacing is weird, blame that :)
> It works fine here on the dual monitor setup I have. I don't have
> a gfx card with 3 heads, but in theory, as long as EnumDisplayMonitors
> honours the same numbering as Windows shows them in Display Properties
> then it should work fine.

There may be problems with mirroring display drivers but as long as nobody 
complains I'll stick with it.

> Can someone please try this out?

Works great. I've done some small changes
 - store global variables in a struct which is allocated locally and pass
   the pointer to it through dwparam
 - moved the monitorNum counter to the struct too. If getMonitorInfo gets 
   called twice (like with two -screen arguments) the count did not start
   at 1 again
 - fixed a problem with @m argument and following arguments (@m was expected

   to be the last argument on the commandline)
 - @m format should not set userGaveWidthAndHeight to allow adjusting the 
   area with border sizes.

But great work anyway.

> What's the procedure for getting this into CVS after it's been testing?

I've commited it. If you have bigger patches or want to work on larger
changes I can try to get you cvs write access to

--           ICQ: 126018723

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