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Another newbie question (xemacs problems)

Hello, I have another newbie question, that is I have problems with xemacs with Cygwin/X.
The problems are 2:
1) When I start xemacs from Start button in windows XP, it says "error, could not start C:\cygwin\bin\xemacs- -display"
and it doesn't open it.
On the contrary emacs works if it' opened in this way.

2) From xterminal if I type
xemacs filename &
it opens the filename,
but when I exit from xemacs, it prints the following (see below).
[If I do the same not on Cygwin/X, but simply on cygwin (starting cygwin.bat), there are no problems].

I tried to reinstall xemacs, but it happens the same thing.
I would like to know if someone could suggest me something in order to solve the problem.
Thank you
PS: I cannot find the core file it says (see below).

This is what it prints:

Warning: XtRemoveGrab asked to remove a widget not on the list
Warning: XtRemoveGrab asked to remove a widget not on the list

Fatal error (11).

Your files have been auto-saved.
Use `M-x recover-session' to recover them.

Your version of XEmacs was distributed with a PROBLEMS file that may describe
your crash, and with luck a workaround. Please check it first, but do report
the crash anyway. Please report this bug by invoking M-x report-emacs-bug,
or by selecting `Send Bug Report' from the Help menu. If necessary, send
ordinary email to `'. *MAKE SURE* to include the XEmacs
configuration from M-x describe-installation, or equivalently the file
Installation in the top of the build tree.

*Please* try *hard* to obtain a C stack backtrace; without it, we are unlikely
to be able to analyze the problem. Locate the core file produced as a result
of this crash (often called `core' or `core.<process-id>', and located in
the directory in which you started XEmacs or your home directory), and type

gdb /usr/bin/xemacs core

then type `where' at the debugger prompt.  No GDB on your system?  You may
have DBX, or XDB, or SDB.  (Ask your system administrator if you need help.)
If no core file was produced, enable them (often with `ulimit -c unlimited'
in case of future recurrance of the crash.
Lisp backtrace follows:

 # bind (arg)
 # bind (command-debug-status)
 # (condition-case ... . error)
 # (catch top-level ...)
Segmentation fault

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