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Re: Problems building X/Cygwin (no XpConfig)

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Boris wrote:

> For what it's worth, I thought a user's comments might be useful, even 
> if it's a criticism.

Of course it is useful. The posting about missing XpConfig actually 
revealed a packaging problem which I've fixed now. But I have a problem
with people who do not respect and credit the amount of work which the 
developers put into the programs. 

I read the mail at about 1:00 am and sent a reply. Unfortunatly I did
not realize he was referring to the source packages (actually I never 
thought somebody would ever try to build XWin from the source packages)
and tried to pin the problem with cvs down. 

The answer I got was not the clarification, it was just unmotivated ranting. 

> I actually went to and got latest release of X.
> IMHO, cygwin documentation sucks. has information how to get the latest 
sources. The contributors guide needs update. But "the docu sucks" is not
useful critics. "the contributors guide has no info about sources in CVS" 

> The keyword here is "user", namely, I have no idea how to write or 
> improve the code
> for something as complex as the Cygwin project. Consequently, I can not 
> help improving
> the documentation, I could only point out that on several occasions I 
> was  reading the
> docs looking for answers only to find that my questions are not covered 
> there.

Telling this is ok. Telling the documentation sucks is not.
If you tell me where a point is unclear or where the cg tells 

> Wait for these instructions to be updated some time after 2004-04-03.

then I'll update it and clarify some points. 

> You could categorize me as clueless (which I am, as far as programming 
> is concerned) and say I do not belong here. But then, if not for user's sake, 
> why would you do it in the first place?

> In summary, a better documentation would in fact be very helpful.

It always is. And I try to make it understandable and useful. But sometimes
I have the programmers view on things and don't see where the average user 
has problems. Documentation is in fact a field where even users without
programming skills can help a lot. You figured out how to make a special 
feature work? Write an entry for the FAQ. Work as "translater" between
programmer and newbie. The gap between them is huge and having somebody 
who's in touch with both is always helpful.

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