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RE: problem resizing tunneled xterm

On Fri, 14 May 2004, Kris Thielemans wrote:

> Hi,
> further on this.
> I now have the same behaviour on a local xterm (on an XP SP1 machine running
> xorg Xwin, rest is latest cygwin). The funny thing is that it
> happens in one xterm only, and I cannot reproduce it in others... In fact, I
> don't think I resized that xterm yet (started it with xterm -ls -sl 3000 -sb
> by the way).

That sounds like permissions: signals don't generally propagate across
su and other things that change the ownership of the terminal.  You can
usually work around those by running resize (which uses escape sequences
to find the actual size of the xterm, and does the equivalent of an stty
to update your local terminal-size values).

> sorry!
> Kris
> > >
> > > I run a remote xterm via
> > >
> > > ssh -Y mydebianlinuxsystem xterm </dev/null&
> > >
> > > this works perfectly fine, except when I resize the window (in
> > particular:
> > > make it wider). It seems that xterm/bash doesn't pick up the new size
> > > properly. Although output now does fill the new size, I have
> > trouble with
> > > command recall in bash. Pressing uparrow to get to a long
> > command line (i.e.
> > > longer than the size of the original window), results in
> > garbled display.
> > > The line displays truncated at its original size with bits at
> > the start and
> > > end missing. Pressing left-arrow etc results in lots of fun
> > effects. Ctrl-L
> > > does display the whole line, but with line breaks at the original width.
> > >
> > > Note that for local xterms, this problem does not exist.

Thomas E. Dickey

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