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Re: sun binary on windows

Shashikant Sharma wrote:

I downloaded and installed cygwin from internet on my windows2000 PC. And
I'm trying to execute a sun binary executable in cygwin shell, but I keep
getting error. The command lines run fine. old scripts are running fine,
except the executable.
This executable doesn't need any library file, or graphical interface. It's
juts a file translator. Since I don't have the source code for it, I would
like to get it runnable on windows, as we have ported most of other modules
to windows already.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Shashikant Sharma

Wha does the 'file' command say (cygwin should have one). If it is a SPARC binary, you're POL. If it is an x86 binary, you could install vmware on your w2k PC, and install Solaris inside vmware. Or install bochs on w2k and solaris on bochs.

Since cygwin does not appear in that solution, this branch of this thread is now off-topic.

Michel Bardiaux
Peaktime Belgium S.A.  Bd. du Souverain, 191  B-1160 Bruxelles
Tel : +32 2 790.29.41

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