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Re: Cygwin/XFree86 - No longer associated with


I find it sad that you had to make this decision.
I've just been absent for a little more than two weeks and
was unable to commit patches - look what came out of it.

I understand that the level of frustration among contributors
has risen to a point that people are starting to use bad words.
I've tried to get support from individual core team members
for giving you commit rights. After I was unable to do so (maybe
I asked the wrong ones) I decided to no longer persue the issue.
None of the initiatives I've made so far have been accepted.

I don't understand why people cannot deal with issues on the
pragmatic level by looking at how one can best distribute
the workload so that the burdeon on each individual volunteer
is reduced.
The discussion always turns to who owes what to whom. This is
the wrong question. All or most of us are volunteers. Therefore
noone owes anything to anybody.
I get more and more the impression that David is working on
narrowing down the scope of XFree86. 
There are alternatives in sight and I hope something will be 
in place before too long that will again serve a place where
people interested in X can meet and work together.


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