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RE: alt-tab: client window receives tab / pressing both shift-keys = caps-lock


I've flagged these behaviors for a follow up later.

Very interesting problems.  I've not yet heard of pressing both shift-keys
== caps-lock.

I'll get back to you when I have a look at these.


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> Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 4:55 AM
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> Subject: alt-tab: client window receives tab / pressing both shift-keys
> = caps-lock
> Hello,
> when I use alt-tab to switch from XWin to a window outside of XWin, the
> currently active client window receives every tab I hit to get to
> the other
> window.
> Inside XWin, I'm using an old version of mwm (running on a HP/UX 11) to
> manage the windows, and I switch with CTRL-TAB.  My installation of cygwin
> and XFree86 on it are hardly a week old, so I suppose I am fairly up to
> date.  The client windows are cygwin/XFree86's xterm  (the HP/UX
> xterm seems
> unable to handle dead keys inside XWin, although it had no
> problem with that
> using Kea!X, I'm using a belgian keyboard through xkb).
> Then I have another special feature: when I accidentally (or on purpose)
> press both shift keys, characters remain in uppercase, I have to
> switch that
> of by hitting the shift keys separately.  It happens quite often by
> accident, when typing a short word in uppercase, say WHAT?
> Great products, both cygwin and the XFree86 port, I feel more at home at
> work now ;-)
> Gerard
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