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RE: Cannot run XWin.exe from a Windows networked-drive


> I would have investigated XWin.exe myself but the primary site 
> and none of the mirrors have the source code visible to 
> anonymous FTP as of this writing.

Sorry for having to be an ass here, but, frankly, you're a moron:

Not that the source will help, but...


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> Elkins
> Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2001 6:42 PM
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> Subject: Cannot run XWin.exe from a Windows networked-drive
> Importance: High
> I would have investigated XWin.exe myself but the primary site 
> and none of the mirrors have the source code visible to 
> anonymous FTP as of this writing.
> I installed Cygwin, Cygwin/Free86, and lesstif on a WIndows 2000 
> file server.  Runing Motif apps there works just fine 
> and we are quite pleased with this.  
> Our goal is to use this file server's contents from a few Windows 
> client workstations so that we do not have to install 
> 0.5GB of stuff on each workstation and rollout changes to each 
> when an update occurs.  Also, our Unix-on-Windows 
> apps are stored in Cygwin's /usr/src tree.  All of the 
> workstations will see Cygwin on drive K (networked).
> When I connected on workstation #1, I did the following:
> (a) Copied cygwin.bat to cygwin_K.bat where the Windows commands 
> are preceded by a "K:" command.  I created a 
> small one-time shell script which mounts all of the necessary 
> stuff so that this workstation has its registry updated so that 
> the next invocation of cygwin_K.bat will be just as if the user 
> was running at the file server.  So far, so good.
> (b) When I try to run STARTXWIN.BAT from workstation #1, I get:
> startxwin.bat - Starting on Windows NT/2000
> ddxProcessArgument ()
> ddxProcessArgument () - screen - argc: 5 i: 1
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - Windows NT/2000
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - DirectDraw installed
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - Allowing PrimaryDD
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - Returning, supported engines 0000001b
> winSetEngine () - Using Shadow DirectDraw
> winAdjustVideoModeShadowDD () - Using Windows display depth of 16 
> bits per pixel
> winCreateBoundingWindowWindowed () - WindowClient w 1024 h 768 r 
> 1024 l 0 b 768 t 0
> winInitVisualsShadowDD () - Masks 0000f800 000007e0 0000001f BPRGB 6 d 16
> winCreateDefColormap () - Deferring to fbCreateDefColormap ()
> AUDIT: Thu Sep 27 17:17:45 2001: 277 XWin: client 1 rejected from 
> IP port 2105
> Xlib: connection to "" refused by server
> Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
> Error: Can't open display:
> Invoking `xhost +` does no good as it cannot open the display.  I 
> used that on a the file server machine but it only 
> seems to be good on the file server machine.  
> Same problem when trying this on workstation #2, #3 , ......  
> When one istalls the whole ball of wax on any of these 
> machines' local drive, then the above anomalies do not happen.  
> But, as explained above, we want to run from a file 
> server.
> I have spent a lot of time looking all over the disk for the 
> authorisation data under the Cygwin treee; I admit that I am 
> stumped.  How is the X authorisation data stored?  In the 
> registry somewhere?  It doesn't seem to be in the normal place 
> for Unix or Linux.  The Cygnus `man` pages do not agree with what 
> is observed.   ???
> Please assist.  I am willing to do leg-work if I had access to source.
> The file server is running Windows 2000 SP2 up-to-date and the 
> client workstations are running Windows NT 4 SP 6b 
> up-to-date.  The hardware are miscellaneous.
> Thank you in advance .. Richard   voice: 718 248-4639

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