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Re: no valid address (Windows 95)

>I debugged the code and it seems that the interpretation of the registry keys
>is wrong. 

It certainly is - that's what I've found out over the last two hours. ;-)

[patch snipped]

Thanks! Great work! But I've also been busy and figured out a work-around
(I wrote this earlier, so details are most certainly not correct):

------ snip ------
As it turns out, Cygwin is unable to get your local interface address under Windows 95, if the number of the interface in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Enum\\Network\\MSTCP (which is, if there is only one, 0000) differs from the entry of the key "Driver", whose contents are
"NetTrans\000X". Here, X was 2, a possible cause might be past changes of the local IP-address).

After I changed the key's contents to "NetTrans\0000" (and the name of the key it references, which is now HKLM\\System\\Services\\Class\\NetTrans\\0000) it worked.
(Editing the registry by hand is a sure way to force a reinstallation of Windows! You have been warned!)
------ snip ------

Another thing to be noted is that the way to obtain the interface address
that's being used under Windows 98 (which I consider to be a much "cleaner" approach) should possible under Windows 95 with IE4+ (^= WinInet.DLL), too.

 - Tim

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