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asynchronous popups hide key release

Hi all,

I've enjoyed using Cygwin/XFree and KDE for over a month now.  Well done!!

One annoyance comes from the interaction with X and native Windows apps that run
in the background and occasionally pop up a window to notify me of e.g. new
mail.  If I happen to be typing and have a key down when the popup appears, X
does not notice that I release the key, and it goes into auto repeat, sending
dozens of keystroke messages to apps until I press another key with X in focus.
This is frightening especially when the key is "Delete" and I'm editing an
important file!

Perhaps related is the fact that X receives and passes along to an app whatever
keystroke I use to dismiss the popup.  (A workaround in my case is to dismiss it
with the mouse.)

IMHO, the X server should handle de-focus events (if there are such things?) by
considering any keys are currently down to be released.  At the very least, it
should disable autorepeat when it doesn't have focus.

Thanks again for your work.

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