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Re: Two questions

>> Not exactly.  I was thinking only of using alt-f4 on what you identify as
>> the cmd window in which bash runs.  But this no longer works if I have
>> from that window.  Also, if I have not run, the
>> cmd-window closes when I issue the command 'exit', but this TOO no longer
>> works if I have run  But this does not happen if I have
>> startx.  It is this that I do not understand, and would like to fix.
> Oh, now I know what you mean. The problem is that bash had started some
> child processes, which run in the background. If they are still running,
> you can't close bash. If you shutdown XWin, then bash will exit and the
> window will close. There is no other way which can avoid this.

Thanks Alexander

The question clearly is, therefore, where is the relevant difference between
startx and  Because the problem exists with but
not with startx.  The problem must lie within startxwin since it happens
even if I just start and then attempt to close it.

Thanks again,


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