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startup scripts

Suhaib, Harold,

I'm not a specialist, but I've notice the following behaviour when I launch startxwin.(bat|sh) : 

- icewm can't restart him self saying that an other window manager is present (true either with vtwm)
- trying to start Xemacs with a special font from startxwin.(bat|sh), the font is not the one I've choose. I've verified that my copmmand line works in an xterm.

So, I've suspected that X server was not finish to start when xemacs command line ask it a font in the startup script. So, I've tried "startx" Xfree86 script supposing that the xinit call have the ability to launch ~/.xinitrc application when X server is ready. And the troubles with icewm and xemacs were solved. More over, because ~/.xinitrc ends with an exec icewm, when I stop icewm, the xserver stops correctly, that was not always true with startxwin.(bat|sh).

Do really think that it's necessary the provide a new X startup mechanism for cygwin-Xfree ?

Or, Is it possible to include the usage of xinit in startxwin.(bat|sh) ?

It's only questions, nothing more!


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