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RE: kde 1.1.2 under win95


I flagged this message for a follow-up, but I never got around to it.  I'd
like to get some more information and address the issues that I can.

> 1. Installing
> breaks with a
> 		syntax error in line 1246 near then
> 		if [ X"$VARDIST" != X ]; then
> 	Editing this file with vi and reentering a new line makes
> in working.
> 	After dowloading the newest the problem stays.

I've not heard of a single corroborating report.  I cannot offer any hints,
and I can't suspect that something is really wrong with
Assuming that vi was running under Cygwin, I would wager a guess that you
either had multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on your system, or you were using
a really old version of cygwin1.dll (or perhaps a snapshot).  I'm guessing
that running vi changed the system state sufficiently that the script was
processed correctly.  In other words, I think that the edit you made
probably did not have a direct beneficial effect.

> 4. Very slow performance
>    - Starting xfree with startxwin9x.bat needs several minutes to
> get running
> xterm.
>    - Doing a ls -l /bin with a full installed cygwin needs one
> minutes to show
> all the files.
>    - Starting kde needs about 5 minutes and at least kwm hangs.

That is not normal at all, though I have seen it on occassion when I have
messed things up; you could try the latest Server Test Series release.
However, this furthers my suspicions of multiple copies of cygwin1.dll.

> 5. XWin hangs
>    Sometimes Xwin crashes.
>    After some tries startxwin9x.bat hangs immediately.

Either an unstable Server Test Series release, or multiple copies of

> 6. Clicking on the server background shows no text (perhaps a
> font missing, I
> have installed  only the basic font archive with

It won't show any text if you aren't running a window manager that does so.
It would be logical that the font may be missing, but my guess is that the
window manager would be smart enough to fall back on a default font, rather
than not displaying anything at all.

> After the first tests I tried a xfree 4.0.3 release which I have
> used for with
> kde 1.1.2 under Windows 2000/NT with the same results.

In that case, I'm going to say that your problems are due either to your
installation of Cygwin or to some 3rd party software that you have installed
on your system.

Hope that helps,


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