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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Test 48


I just posted Test 48 to the server development page:

Server Test Series binary and source code releases are now
available via the ftp mirror network 
( in the 
pub/cygwin/xfree/devel/shadow/ directory.  You may wish to note the
desired filename in the links below, then download from your 
closest mirror (

Server binary, direct link: (1066 KB)

Server source, direct link: (69 KB)


1) Revert the default screen initialization process to pre-Test46
functionality.  Document, with comments, what is happening so that I
don't accidentally mess it up again.

2) Remove the clipboard support introduced with Test46, as this
functionality is now handled by <a href="../xwinclip/">xwinclip</a>.
xwinclip will contain all clipboard support until the XWin.exe headers
are rewritten to prevent collisions between the X client headers and
the X Server headers.

3) Remove the Test47 binary from the servers to prevent people from
downloading it, as it is quite broken.



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