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Re: setting Norwegian keyboard when using KDM

I wrote:

>>> Platform, client: Win2k, CygWin 1.3.2, cygwin-xfree86 4.1.0
>>> Platform, server: debian 2.2r3 (potato), kdm 2.1.1

> I've hand edited the old file I found,
> according to what xkeycaps says the keycodes
> and symbols should be, when I move the mouse cursor
> over the keys in xkeycaps.
> This Xmodmap makes "", "", and "" appear correctly
> and so does all the keys that doesn't require 
> "Alt Gr".
> xkeycaps said that the "Alt Gr" key (keycode 113)
> should have the symbols Alt_R, and Meta_R, and
> have modifier name Mod3.
> So I have tried setting
>  keycode 113 = Alt_R	Meta_R
> and then
>  clear Mod3
>  add	Mod3	= Alt_R
> but this didn't work.

What I then did, was to read the "X PROTOCOL DOCUMENT
ON KEYMAPS" section in
and from what I read there, set the following
keycode mapping:
 keycode 113 = Mode_switch
and not mess about with modifiers at all.

This seems to work so far.  Alexander?  Do you want
my doctored  I don't know who made
the original one, and I don't know how well it
*really* works...:-)

- Steinar

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