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setting Norwegian keyboard when using KDM

Platform, client: Win2k, CygWin 1.3.2, cygwin-xfree86 4.1.0
Platform, server: debian 2.2r3 (potato), kdm 2.1.1

Starting cygwin XFree86 agains KDM works fine now,
except that it comes up with a US keyboard setting
instead of a Norwegian one.

I've found a Norwegian xmodmap at
it's pretty old (July 1992), but I thought I'd try
it anyway.

So far I have tried (most of these after earlier
advices given on this list):
 - setting from the above URL, as
   ~/.Xmodmap, and logging in from KDM
 - putting into /usr/X11, and
   changing the setting
   in /etc/X11/kdm/Xsetup 
   (I saw that this made a different Xmodmap be 
   used, because of different output into
 - setting a Norwegian keyboard as the default
   in the KDE Control Panel
 - running "xmodmap" in KDE
 - running "xmodmap" in WindowMaker
 - running xkeycaps in a WindowMaker session,
   saving a Norwegian keyboard into a file,
   and running "xmodmap" on this file

So far without any success.  The keyboard mapping
stays US. :-/ 

- Steinar

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